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Local farmers in Laikang, Takalar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, use to cut trees for sale as fuel wood to industries and handicraft makers in the surroundings. No well planned replanting and large area of the land became unproductive. LPTM cooperates with Rotary Club of Makassar in initiating reforestation in Dusun Pandala in Laikang village.

The reforestation is with Bitti trees as main trees and Kalamansi Orange and Sour Soup Fruit Trees as second plants.

Bitti wood is a local species of Sulawesi. The wood is the main materials in building traditional wooden boat of Bugeneese people, Phinisi Perahu. This industry is an old tradition and as a culture heritage which is still currently exists. Preserving the wood will preserve the income sources of local people and the tradition. Kalamnsi orange fruit trees has a high economic potensial as well as the sour soup.

Volunteering opportunities are available with this project. Volunteer can gain experience by staying with the villagers and plant trees. An intensive one month Indonesian language training will be provided to prepare the volunteers in their communication so their stay in the village will be good. Volunteer who prefers to stay in city, can help in our tree nursery in Makassar.

After one month language training volunteers will stay at the project location where our local partners/staffs will assist and support. Volunteers can stay for seven days or more to do reforestation works and return to Makassar for the rest days of the month.

Thereafter, you may have about one to two weeks holiday to visit tourist destinations such as, Toraja, Bira, Bali, Bunaken etc. It is a free time for you.

Two months is the minimum stay suggested, however one month stay is possible.

Volunteering is with US$.95.-registration fee and monthly contribution as detailed below:

Volunteering and Internship in Nature Conservation/Reforestation Registration Fee: US$. 95.-Airticket is not included
Length of Stay and Prices in US$.
Six months Five months Four months Three months Two months One month
Permonth Total Permonth Total Permonth Total Permonth Total Permonth Total Permonth Total
906 5436 924 4620 951 3804 995 2985 1090 2180 1360 1360

The prices as above will include:

–     Registration fee

  • Picking up at the at international airport of Makassar
  • Room/accommodation
  • Breakfast.
  • If accommodated in guest house or dormitory, volunteer needs to spend usd. 10.- per day for food by eating out at many small restaurant at the surrounding.
  • Maximum three first days city orientation
  • One month intensive Indonesian language training
  • In country staff support such as consultation and advice
  • The cost of seedlings to be planted.

You may send us your letter of application stating among others, your motivation, when you like to start, including your cv/resume, a passport photograph and copy of your passport. Please send them first through email and then the printed version through post. We will consider your application and give you our decision within a week.

The requirements to take part in the project are;

  • at least 18 years old
  • in a good health
  • travel and health insurance coverage
  • readiness to be in and to enjoy being in a different culture living situation.
  • environment lovers
  • enjoy meeting villagers

By taking part in this project you would gain a colorful experience which will be a benefit for your future and for your resume. You will enjoy meeting local people who are mostly friendly to overseas guests. Everyday you will meet new interesting things.

We are waiting for your further contact and thank you again for your interest in our project.

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