Students Field Trip Package

Inbound Tour and Travel Packages for Travellers and Students

 Student Field Trip

(Five days 4 Nights)

Day One: (Tuesday)
Welcoming at airport Sultan Hasanuddin with banner and flower for the students leader and teacher, short city tour according to time available, check in Clarion Hotel, Dine and briefing and information about the program.

Day Two: (Wednesday)
Breakfast at hotel Clarion, travel to sister school, school program with sister school with students from sister school performance, lunch at beach restaurant, Fort Rotterdam visit with sea view and museum visit, more city sightseeing (if time available), dine in Clarion and discussion after dining at restaurant.

Day Three: (Thursday)
Breakfast at hotel, travel to sister school, school program with Singapore students performance, lunch at local restaurant, travel to Rammang2 for carzt river tour, travel home to hotel Clarion, dine and discussion in Hotel Clarion.

Day Four: (Friday)
Breakfast in Clarion Hotel, travel to Pandala, stopover at Denassa Green House, Planting Bitti trees and open air short wandering and selfie, lunch at Puntondo Eco Lodge, travel home to Clarion Hotel with a while stop at seaweed farming when the season is in time, dine at Clarion Hotel discussion about the trip with moderation by teacher.

Day Five: (Saturday)
Breakfast at Clarion Hotel, souvenir shop visit, more city sightseeing when time available (according to flight departure schedule), travel to airport and farewell.


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